Hello!  My name is Donna and I have been passionate about photography for well over 30 years!  It all started when I developed my first photograph in my High School darkroom during Art Class.  Watching my subject's face appear on that piece of paper like magic and having those eyes staring back at me....I was hooked.  From that point on I knew I would be taking photographs forever. 

Once I decided to go freelance, I experimented with different genres and worked with other photographers to find my niche.  I started in Event Photography first and quickly found that even though the money was great and I got to meet so many great people, it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do.  About 10 years ago, after joinging a great educational group and connecting with so many fantastic portrait and headshot photographers, I found my passion.  With my love for the human face, this quickly became my favorite genre.   In the past few years, I have been dipping my feet into the Editorial world as well,  working with models, makeup and hair professionals, agencies, and so many talented and creative minds.   I enjoy working with a team of professionals, putting our minds together, and watching the vision we have come to life.  This part of my work has led to publications in a few international magazines and opened so many different doors and connections.


So, welcome to my work and I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!


Peace and Love,   Donna