Sometimes it Snows in April...

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"...Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
Sometimes I wish that life is never ending
All good things, they say, never last" Prince

Three years ago, this world lost a legend.  A talented artist, singer, songwriter, performer, musician....a man.  He was at times so very shy - an introvert.  Very rarely gave interviews, but when he spoke it was like a whisper. He spoke about life, love, God, and the world.  He did so much for so many without asking for any accolades - a silent giver to his community and the world.  Even though he was a man who privately liked to keep to himself, when he got up on that stage, he came alive! The stage and his fans were his fuel....once that adrenaline kicked in, look out.  He rocked your world and always left you wanting more.

Prince Roger Nelson lost his life back in April of 2016- but his music and legacy will forever be engraved in history and in our hearts. 

As a huge Prince fan, I wanted to do something to honor the man - this fellow artist - but what could I do.  Well, I knew I couldn't write him a song, like he might have done, or paint a picture of him.  I am not that kind of artist.  So, I decided to do it through photographs instead because well, that is what I do - how I tell the story. 

Now, I originally planned on finding a man who looked a bit like him or at least would if I made him up a bit - the right clothes etc... But, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't find the right person.  Nobody matched up to the artist and man I thought Prince was...just didn't match up in my mind.  Then one day, I stumbled across a young woman - fellow artist - who shared the same passion as I about Prince.  She adored him as much as I did and his music.  So, we decided to meet up and chat about the possibility of a collaboration.  I decided after our talk that maybe I was just going about this the wrong way.  It really isn't about finding someone who looked like Prince, but the fit his persona.  So, with some back and forth discussions, Maddeson and I took it in a whole different direction.  Since Prince himself was always such an androgynous man, why not have a woman portray him artistically.  Not the Prince look, but more so depict his charm, sexiness, and charisma.  The way he looked within his soul, not his outward appearance.  

A few months later, we gathered in my studio and well, the rest is history!  

Hope you enjoy some of the photos from this session as much as we did creating them.  Two women, one mutual love, and a whole lot of Prince playing in the background!


Peace and Love,





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