Modern Beauty Meets Old Hollywood: Retelling of an Iconic Story

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"What do I wear in bed? Why Chanel No. 5, of course..."

I love creating photographs from my dreams and imagination and watching them come to life.  Recently, I have fallen in love with photographing Women's Portraits.  Not just the beauty of the shapes and the faces, but the emotions and inner strength that I see arise from each woman as they go through the process of being photographed.  From the shy and awkwardness at first, to a somewhat metamorphosis if you will of strength and confidence.  This is why I love this genre of photography.  

Now, there are a lot of women whom have influenced me over the years for one reason or another.  Whether family, teachers, leaders, or the women I have idolized on the big screen.  Growing up with a Mother who spent many nights watching old movies - and I, right along with her -  fell in love with what I call "old Hollywood."   Those Classic Movie Starlets such as Greta Garbo, Rosalind Russell, Olivia de Havilland, and my ultimate favorite - Marilyn Monroe.  Who can't forget...Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch, Bus Stop and one of my very favorites - Some Like It Hot.  It was not only her beauty that I admired, but her sense of humor and the way she carried herself. 

As a young lady, I dreamed of what it must be like to be these women.  The glitz, the glamour, the fame, and the fortune.  But, it was Marilyn's story that drew me to her.  The girl next door that was plucked out of obscurity in a small town and redesigned for the likes of Hollywood.  Which while making her an instant star, threw her into a life of loneliness and at times despair.  When eventually things got too much and her cries went unheard, she turned to men, pills, and the bottle for comfort.  Though such a tragic story, I found it heart warming and beautiful at times and felt a similar connection to her.  I read every article I could about her and an autobiography that my Mother owned depicting her life.  I loved that book.  I remember,  as a lover of photography from an early age, increasingly fascinated by photos of her.  There was one series in particular that was done in by Douglas Kirkland - a young photographer at the time.  He was hired to take these photos of her in bed in which she wore nothing but a white sheet.  I loved how natural and human they were.  Depicting not only her beauty and sexiness and love for the camera, but her vulnerability and loneliness.  

I knew that one day I wanted to "recreate" something similar and years later, those dreams became a reality.   With the help of my beautiful muse Katie, we were able to bring these iconic photos back to life.  Not to copy exactly, but to give the same natural and beautiful feel as was seen from those iconic photos years ago.  

I found Katie to not only be a beautiful woman on the outside, but inside too.  Like Marilyn, Katie oozes sexiness and has a natural repore with the camera.  When you get to know her personally, she also has that down to earth - girl next door - appeal at the same time.  Funny and easy to get along with and one you would love as a friend.  I knew she was going to be the perfect woman to bring these photos to life and I want to thank her for lending her talents and beauty and willingness to come aboard this crazy ride when I asked. 

Please enjoy a few photographs from this Session and thank you for allowing to keep doing what I love to do.  


Peace and Love,  Donna







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